TopSkyll™ -a Job Search Application with Unique Offerings

Finding a job in the modern world is undoubtedly a difficult endeavor. You can't drop your résumé off at every company you visit. Although our application actually assisted consumers in finding the jobs they wanted, the digital generation is now looking forward to more rapid and dependable mobile alternatives.

70% faster than other career app

Yes, the mobile app landscape spans many industries, thus individuals are searching for these possibilities in order to find the best company organization. However, developing a job portal app is a laborious task, thus it is usually advised to start with the features that users simply cannot utilize. You must have a clear notion of the app you want to create now that you are on the correct platform to create a mobile job finding app. We will discuss below how our mobile job search app included some of the unique features that were a hit among both the jobseekers and the recruiters.

The percentage of people all around the world who own a cell phone is 68%. At least 41% of them have used a smartphone to look for work.

Every day, 59% of candidates use their smartphones and mobile recruitment apps to search for new opportunities and positions in the sector.

At least 23% of people who have used their mobile device to hunt for a job have already uploaded their resume or cover letter to streamline the search and application process.

39% of applicants use their phones to apply for the position, while 60% of candidates view the company page on their phones.

Some unique offerings of our TopSkyll™ , Job Search Application

Now-a-days, most of the job seekers and the recruiters prefer a job portal powered by AI that requires little to no human interaction. Both of the parties benefited by our unique array of features integrated into our application. Some of those are listed below:

Intuitive job search

Candidates were provided with a highly polished and easy to use job search system at their fingertips. Designed from the ground-up to funnel candidates towards suitable jobs and drive up their application rate towards success.

Resume Builder

This feature benefited both the first-time job applicants and seasoned professionals looking to save time. They filled out a questionnaire with basic information about their education, job experience, and skills in order to create a professional resume. And our TopSkyll app already has a lot of attractive resumes for the candidates to choose from, starting from basic to advanced, creative to premium resumes.

Automated Job alerts

Maximize candidate engagement with your job board panel and your clients’ jobs with our advanced job alert system. Candidates were able to set up job alerts for their search terms and the system would automatically send out an alert when new jobs matching those criteria appear on your job board.

CGH Score(Chances of Getting Hired)

It's the score calculated by our AI Algorithms to predict the chances of getting hired for the applied job.

Cloud based environment

Our team opted for an ideal option i.e, the cloud environment to manage the data in a secure manner for our job recruitment app. All user information, recruiter information, resumes, etc. were kept handy in the cloud and were easily accessible at any time and from any location. This encouraged workflow management that was much simpler.This integration made it far more durable and scalable.

Benefits to the Job Seekers by our TopSkyll™ Mobile Application
Technology Stack that we Used


React Native


PHP Laravel

Cloud Environments

Amazon Web Services

Social Login

3rd Party Integrations

TopSkyll™ job boards integrate seamlessly with third-party tools like Google Analytics, lead tracking, live chat and many other tools - giving you access to an abundance of valuable data about recruitment processes.

Google Cloud
Some UI Screens of Topskyll
Final Outcome

The job search niche is vast, and you can easily gain an advantage. All you need is a smart business concept and understanding of how to properly build a job search app. Our mobile app design and development services will assist you with all of the steps outlined in the web development overview above. To make your business ideas and conceptions a reality, it is therefore best to get in touch with us as we are one of the reputable mobile app development companies of Bangalore.

We have provided a user panel, recruiter panel and admin panel with intriguing information to it.

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